About Us

Nicole Mills – Owner & where the buck stops

I have worked in the real estate industry for over 20 years. During that time I worked as a receptionist, a property manager, a salesperson and a part owner. I also, eventually (after saving my butt off), a proud owner of an investment property. That time, as an investor, taught me that so much was missing from the industry when it came to property management. It was a side hustle for the agency principals. With a steady rotation of staff and no real commitment to the property owners.

I saw a gap in the market……

I decided to create a dedicated property management business – Elite Property Management. One that’s sole purpose is to help you increase your wealth. I have the life experience to understand what you want from your valuable investment. Expertly managing your property is my main hustle!

Melinda Armstrong – Property Management Rock Star

Mel is a bit of a legend in property management circles. She has been in the biz for longer than she would like people to know. Calm, professional with the most amazing eye for detail. Mel looks after our admin side of things. Pumping out leases, checking all paper work, dealing with repairs and maintenance and crossing all the t’s and dotting the I’s in the office.

Madi D’Arcy – Property Officer & Inspection Queen

Madi made the change from having her own business to chase her interest in property management. And she was spot on with her decision. She looks after our property inspections, shows potential tenants through properties and sorts the corn from the chafe with the applications to make sure that the tenant that goes in your property is of the highest quality.

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